Steven A. Jackson
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Photographer's Statement

      My interest in photography goes back to before college, but I did not really start to work seriously in the darkroom until that time. Since then, the pursuit continued: primarily 35 mm, but with excursions into both medium and large format work. This was all a sideline, since my career path included, among other things, banking, real estate development and computer consulting. Through all of the "careers", however, I still worked at the photography, and attempted to improve both my images and printing skills - working in bathroom darkrooms as necessary.

      Although all of my current prints are "totally digital", they do not involve significant manipulation, nor any compositing. They are essentially black and white images which utilize a tinting and toning technique - and occasional blurring - that provides a subtlety and softness to the colors. Each photograph has an individual palette dictated by the image itself.  The same techniques utilized in the darkroom are now done on the computer, but with less noxious and poisonous fumes - along with the ability to dodge, burn and tone with even more finesse and precision.  I also purposely chose not to revisit my older images. All of my images currently on exhibition were taken over the last few years, and the majority were taken over the last two years. The digital process not only forced me to pursue a new method of producing prints, but it has made me go out and shoot new images, which has been really important to me.

      You will note that none of these pictures contain people, although much of the subject matter contains artifacts of former occupants. I think that all my years in customer/people intensive professions left me wishing for a lack of them in my photography. This may have started out accidentally, but has certainly been continued by design. My predominant use of black & white and toned images is also on purpose. Although the camera took these pictures in color, they were "seen" as a sometimes unexpected combination of color and black and white images and with the thought of minimal amounts of certain colors combined with a toned black and white...

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