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Another Month - Again

February, 2012

    For the fourth year, I gave myself an assignment: I picked one month, and made myself take a picture each day of that month.  As in the past, it could not just be a “snapshot” – I had to actually try to get a decent image.  In addition, if I came up with more than one good image, I could not carry it forward to another day.  In previous years I restricted myself to using only certain kinds of lenses.

Last year I used only a wide angle lens - this year I tightened the restriction - I could use only an ultra-wide angle lens (24mm and wider). I had found that, in the past, the majority of my images were shot with a slight telephoto lens, so this definitely made it even harder than last year.  The distortion, however, caused by the really wide angle made for some interesting images.  I also, once again, picked the month of February, which turned out to be not so good a month for photogenic skies and also suffered from excessive wind, and generally presented rather unpleasant weather.

As is frequently the case in winter, some days the weather or light was such that I really would have liked to use one of the photos from a prior day.  As with previous years’ projects, there were also times that I had trouble with coming up with a destination and/or subject matter to photograph - and went out with only a vague idea of what I was going to shoot.

Here are this year’s results.  They are, yet again, quite different from previous years'.  As in the past, some are well thought out and achieve the image I was going after, while others just don’t quite hit the mark.  As always, however, the project was rewarding, frequently in ways that I did not expect.  You be the judge...

Another Month - Again:  February, 2012

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