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One Month  -  February, 2011


The last two years, I gave myself an assignment: I picked one month, and made myself take a picture each day of that month.  Further – it could not just be a “snapshot” – I had to actually try to get a decent image.  Last year, I added the restriction that all pictures would be made with a telephoto lens.

This year, I decided all of the images were to be made with a wide angle lens.  This definitely, at times, proved to be a bit difficult.  I also picked the month of February, which turned out to be colder than any in recent years and, to top it off, I caught the flu.  Both factors definitely added to the challenge. 

Some days the weather or light was such that I never would have gone out, and a few times I actually ended up shooting indoors.  Much of the time, I had only a vague concept as to what I would end up photographing.

Here are this year’s results.  They are, once again, quite different from previous years.  Some are quite interesting – and I intend to use the flu as my excuse for the “lesser” images.  As in the past, the exercise was rewarding, frequently in ways that I did not expect.  See what you think…

One Month - February, 2011

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