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One Month, February, 2015, Plus One Day

This is the seventh year that Ive given myself the assignment to pick one month and take a picture each day of that month.  I picked February again (after all, it's the shortest month).  As seems to often be the case, the weather certainly wasn't ideal - with an abundance of very dreary, "dead" light.  I had to try, however, to take "real" images, not just snapshots.

This year I set, what was for me, a rather severe restriction:  I limited myself to using only two, fixed focal length lenses - a 50mm and a 105mm.  Using these two lenses forced me to think more - and move more.  Sometimes there just was no way I could get in the "right" position due to simple geography.  Other times I had to frame a different composition than I would have gone to with a zoom lens.  All in all, I think I learned more this year than with any previous project.  I was forced to rethink things in a way that Im pretty sure will improve my photographs.  The number one message is:  MOVE - dont pretend that the zoom can substitute for your feet.

As in the past, if I came up with more than one good image on a single day, I could not carry it forward to another day. Some days I did manage to get more than one acceptable image.  I have included a few of these "extras".  In addition, on the 31st of January, 2015, a very thick, soupy, fog descended.  I could not resist including one of the photographs I took that day.  Hence, the "One Month, Plus One Day" title.

Here are this years results.  The choice of lenses and the weather both had a major impact on the subject matter I chose.  As I mentioned above, this was a great learning experience.  I hope you like the results.

One Month, February, 2015, Plus One Day

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