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A Different Month: April, 2013

This is the fifth year that I’ve given myself the assignment to pick one month and take a picture each day of that month.  I usually picked February (probably because it is the shortest month), but this time I selected April, thinking the weather would be better.  I forgot about the wind...  As in the past, these images  could not just be  “snapshots” – I had to actually try to get a decent image.  In addition, if I came up with more than one good image on one day, I could not carry it forward to another day.

In previous years, I restricted myself to using only certain kinds of lenses (last year I could use only an ultra-wide angle lens (24mm and wider).  This time I left the choice of lenses wide open, but added some restrictions that were, in some ways, harder.  A picture tells you what it wants to be:  and that’s not always the type of toned image that has become my “style”.  Sometimes it requires black and white.  That’s what I had to do - if the image “said” it needed to be black and white, then that’s what I had to do.  At times,  I used shallow depth of field (something I normally do not do), just to force myself out of my comfort zone a bit.  I also occasionally used high contrast (gasp!).  The second condition, however, was to still try to do images that would fit in with the  work that I show in galleries.  The combination was not always doable, but I tried.  One change from previous years, however, was that I included two images for two different days.  I just wasn’t able to pick which one I liked better - which accounts for the fact that there are thirty two pictures, instead of thirty!

All the same problems that I experienced in past years were present again: many days the weather and/or light was such that I really would have liked to use one of the photos from a prior day.  As always, there were times that I had trouble coming up with a destination, or just the subject matter, to photograph - and went out with only a vague idea of what I was going to shoot.

All that having been said, here are this year’s results - once again, quite different from previous years’.  Some pictures achieve what I was trying to do, and some miss the mark.  I think as a group, however, they are interesting (even if they are a little weighted toward old buildings).  Without question, however, the project was rewarding, frequently in ways that I did not expect.  As in the past, you be the judge...

A Different Month: April, 2013

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